Longspan Shelving

Longspan is a durable, cost effective storage solution which allows our customers to utilise the benefits of high quality shelving at an affordable price.

Having the right storage system in place is the best way to maximise storage space and increase productivity, so a proper shelving system is a must to keep all stored items and goods organised.

Longspan shelving is ideal for all of your storage needs including: Box Storage, Archive Storage, Retail Displays, Storerooms, Workshops as well as Industrial, Commercial and Residential use.

One of the many benefits of Longspan Shelving is that our frames are pre-assembled to make construction fast and simple. This provides you with a time efficient and economical way to transform your storage area.

Our step beams allow a flush fitting that can include either chipboard, mesh decks or metal shelves depending on your storage needs. Our Longspan is a standard gun metal grey colour which has been electrostatically powder coated for a smooth and durable finish.



Beam Length (mm) 900 1200 1500 1800 2400  
External Bay Length (mm) 1020 1320 1620 1920 2520  
Loading Per Level (kg) 450 450 450 350 250  
Frame Heights (mm) 1000 2000 2400 3000    
Bay Depths (mm) 460 605 900      


Our Easy Pack Longspan Shelving units come as pre packed starter bays and add on bays with three adjustable particle board shelves.

Each starter bay includes two frames, six beams and three boards. Beam lengths are available in various sizes starting at 900mm long and 460mm deep with the option of an add on bay which consist of a further one frame, six beams and three boards.

The easy pack Longspan shelving units are easy to assemble which makes them ideal for the home, commercial or industrial storage solutions.

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We have a large range of small parts storage that fit in perfectly with our Longspan shelving.

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