Small Parts Storage

 We have a wide range of Small Parts Storage that are extremely durable at an affordable price.


Our Stor-Pak Containers are perfect for both small bits and bulky items. Made from tough Polypropylene, Stor-Pak bins provide a  secure option for small parts storage. They are available in six sizes ranging from 0.5 litres to 24 litres and are available in four colours (blue, green, red and yellow) for use either on their own or with Louvered Panel Systems.



1H-060 Stor-Pak Bin 5 100w x 115d x 60h Capacity 0.5 litres – Max load 2kg
1H-061 Stor-Pak Bin 10 100w x 170d x 85h Capacity 1.0 litres – Max load 5kg
1H-062 Stor-Pak Bin 25 133w x 220d x 125h Capacity 2.5 litres – Max load 9kg
1H-063 Stor-Pak Bin 60 200w x 275d x 165h Capacity 6.0 litres – Max load 14kg
1H-064 Stor-Pak Bin 120 410w x 275d x 165h Capacity 12.0 litres – Max load 18kg
1H-065 Stor-Pak Bin 240 410w x 440d x 210h Capacity 24.0 litres – Max load 18kg


Stor-Pak bins are available in Blue, Red, Green & Yellow


This small parts storage system comprises a variety of sizes and shapes so that bins can be configured to suit your exact needs.

The louvered panels are designed to be attached to either a wall or upright surface such as a workbench, wall, or our 460mm deep Longspan bays.


Available Sizes:

450mm x 455mm

600mm x 455mm

900mm x 455mm


Slatwall Panels or Plankwall Panels are a professional option for wall storage in your business or home. It is an affordable and easy to mount option that has a lot of accessory options to help organise your items.

Slatwall can be wall mounted or mounted onto a work bench and is available in Black or White.

DIMENSIONS:          2400H x 1200L

COLOURS:                  Black or White

ACCESSORIES:        Hooks range from sizes 100mm to 300mm long




The mobile parts trolley is a double-sided unit set on lockable castors. It is ideal for storing and organising small parts such as nuts, bolts, fittings and other hardware that may be used in mechanical, engineering, plumbing or electrical workshops, shed and general warehouses.

The mobile parts bin trolley is also a great solution for your workstation feeder bin requirements.


DIMENSIONS:          1585H x 970W x 600D

HANDLES:                   2



QTY OF BINS:             Various – Personal Preference



Our Spare Parts Trays are made from Polypropylene which resists both solvents and oils making them perfect for use in both home garage and Industrial settings. Available in six different sizes, trays are supplied with removable dividers allowing for individual customization. Available in 300mm, 400mm or 600mm long, 100mm or 200mm wide and 100mm high. They fit into our Longspan Shelving perfectly.

spare parts 2



Our Visi-Pak range comes in three sizes; small, medium or large. The clear compartment is perfect for stock control and swivels for easy access. The Visi-Paks special clips enable them to fit securely to Louvre panels. The Visi-Pak container is quite versatile as it can also stand freely on a bench or can be screwed straight onto a wall. Visi-Pak Containers are ideal for parts that need to be kept clean and dust free, as they have clear removable drawers.

visi pak



We stock an extensive range of Nally plastics in various sizes suited to your needs.





Our Fishing Tackle Boxes are designed and made in Australia. They are strong and durable, and come in multiple sizes to cover you for all your fishing needs. We offer 3 and 6 tray, 2 and 3 drawer lockable.

tackle box

We also offer 5, 6, 12, 14 and 20 Compartment Tackle boxes. These are quite versatile and can also be used for other purposes such as the car, home, office or workshop. Made out of hospital grade material, these tackle boxes are bacteria and chemical free.




With a body made from high impact styrene and drawers made from durable Co-polymer, these tough organizers are perfect for the handyperson, the tradesperson or for home. These drawers can be fitted onto the Stor-pak Louvre panel or screwed directly onto the wall. Available in 2, 3, 12 or 20 drawers.

drawer organzisers