Pallet Racking Operation and Maintenance

Direct Storage Systems have a racking inspection program that complies with Worksafe and the AS4084:2012. It identifies any safety related problems before the hazard causes any harm, damage to property, or impacts the environment. By having your racking inspected annually, you are not only following the AS4084:2012 standard but you are also creating a safe work environment for yourself and those around you by ensuring:

  • The racking is being handled in the correct manner,
  • The Safe Working Load signs are being adhered to,
  • That all racking is in its original state and has not been adjusted in any way, shape or form. Direct Storage Systems retains a copy of the load application and the configuration drawing to ensure that this is followed,
  • The extent of all damage resulting from impacting the racking,
  • That all racking is vertical and not out of plumb,
  • There are no signs of any dislocation or deformation of sections or connections for uprights and beams and there are no signs of cracking at the welds of the connectors.

As part of your annual racking audit with Direct Storage Systems, you will receive a detailed damage report which will outline any issues, notify you of any damage or defects and deliver detailed compliance requirements to assure the standard is being followed.

Annual racking audits help identify existing rack damage that could potentially compromise your racking performance. Failure to have your racking system annually audited could result in litigation and could carry potential penalties in the case of an incident or accident.

Your responsibilities in accordance with AS 4084:2012-Steel Storage Racking

The standard AS4084:2012 outlines essential provisions for the design, fabrication and building tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance.

AS4084:2012 standard applies to adjustable static pallet racking made of cold-formed or hot-rolled steel structures. Both situations where the racking is installed within a building and where the racking forms part of the building are included under the one standard.

To make sure you are complying with the standard, it is advised that annual audits are undertaken.