Gondola Shelving

Direct Storage Systems has an extensive range of Gondola shelving that is primarily used in a number of retail businesses including grocery stores, supermarkets, chemists, hardware stores, discount stores and convenience stores to maximize space and to merchandise and sell your items effectively.


This type of shelving is available with many different types of hardware accessories including wire fronts, wire dividers, wire baskets and dividers, scanning hooks, straight hooks, square tube hooks, goose neck hooks, data strips and 300mm extensions which gives our customers the freedom to be able to use the shelving to suit their direct requirements, making their storage solutions easier.




We have four heights available in our Gondola shelving ranging from 1500mm to 2400mm. The shelves are fabricated with .8mm of steel and the panels are fabricated with 1.0mm of steel ensuring that you gain the maximum potential from your shelving.

They also carry the option of having single or double sided bays as well as internal corner bays with a width of 790mm across the back.