Pallet Racking & Raised Storage

Here at Direct Storage Systems, we offer a wide range of racking options for your warehouse. We have Selective Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Drive In Pallet Racking, Double Deep Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking and much more. We can come out to measure and quote in Geelong, Melbourne and surroundings areas.


The simplest and most cost

effective way of storing pallets.



Narrow Aisle Racking provides

high density storage allowing

direct access to all pallets.



Drive in Pallet Racking is

the ultimate in space utilisation.



Double Deep Racking stores two

pallets deep, or four pallets deep.




Cantilever racking is primarily

used for storing long, awkward

and oversized goods.



Safety accessories designed to

safeguard pallet racking and equipment

from accidental damage.

Safety Inspections and Load Signs.


Pallet Racking components are

used for specialised applications.




This is a fast and effective way

of doubling your floor space.



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