Freetrack Compactus

The Freetrack Compactus is the ideal light-weight Compactus system for just about any storage and filing application. They are easy to operate and do not require fixing to the floor.

The light weight system reduces the chance of operator strain and loads imposed on the floor. Move block-loads up to 1000kg effortlessly with the Freetrack Compactus.

The Freetrack Compactus features:

  • Robust aluminium anodised components that provide strength and a streamline finish
  • A modern attractive appearance
  • New track and runner design strengthens and enhance shelving mobility
  • Low profile track incorporating pivoting ramps that follow the floor contour to reduce trip hazards and provide trolley and wheelchair access
  • The new track is far more substantial in mass; a more rigid product with less leveling plates required
  • Universal designed runner allows various double-sided bay combinations
  • Crinolin steel strips provide hard wearing runner surface for smooth operating
  • Design the perfect solution with unlimited base lengths
  • A lighter weight system reduces operator strain and loads imposed on the floor
  • Tracks do not require fixing eliminating any damage to floor coverings