Compactus Systems and Roll Post Shelving

Free_TRACK_Compactus.1 Freetrack Compactus Units are the ideal light-weight system for just about any storage and filing application that does not have to be fixed to the floor.

Mulit_Bay_Compactus.1 Multibay Compactus is a heavy duty mobile based storage system ideal for bulk storage or any regularly accessed item in the office, back-of-house in a retail area, library, warehouse or archive.

Side_2_Side_Compactus.1Side to side compactus systems are a great way to use under-utilised areas such as alcoves into efficient storage space.

Mekdrive_Compactus.1 Mekdrive Compactus units are a mechanically-assisted mobile storage system for filing and storage systems with advanced technology and design.

ROLA_FILE_BASE_COMPACTUS.1Rola File Base units are ideal where adjustment and flexibility is required, e.g. on uneven floors.

Roll_Post_Shelving.1 Roll Post Shelving is the most adjustable modular designed system allowing easy add on and reconfiguration at all times.

Shelving_Accessories.1 Interchangeable shelving accessories are designed to be used with our shelving and cabinet range.

Longspan_Shelving_unit.1 Rola file longspan shelving uses a low profile track which can be installed on most floor surfaces.